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A warm welcome to the Armstrong Optical website. We offer a wide range of optical metrology and imaging products & systems to a very diverse array of industries with an even broader variety of application requirements. Please browse our various product pages and if something interesting catches your eye feel free to download the appropriate PDF. Alternatively, email us or call the number at the lower edge of the page and we’ll be happy to discuss your application in the strictest confidence.

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Featured Product

The newly released Centre Thickness Gauge is the first of a new range of metrology systems being developed by Armstrong Optical Ltd.


The Centre Thickness Gauge uses a novel optical system that allows non-contact measurement of objects in either a laboratory or workshop environment.

  • Resolution to better than ±1micron, and accuracy better than ±10microns
  • Material independent from metals through to soft materials such as ZnS, ZnSe, chalcogenides
  • Form independent operates with concave, convex, flat, aspheric surfaces
  • Surface finish independent – grey, polished, coated or uncoated
  • Standard system accomodates objects of between 15 and 150mm diameter (150 – 300mm option)
  • Standard system able to measure components up to 25mm thick (45mm option)
  • Samples edge-held in self centring holder
  • USB 3.0 connectivity to intuitive, user-friendly control software (statistics, data handling option)

If you’d like to receive further information on the Centre Thickness Gauge or would like to receive our regular e-Newsletter then please CONTACT US and we’ll be in touch. Alternatively CLICK HERE to download a PDF showing the features of the Centre Thickness Gauge system.