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FEATURED ITEM – Length Measurement System from SIOS 


The Differential Laster Interferometer SP-DI Series offers extremely high long-term stability, achieved by measuring relative motion between the measuring point and a fixed reference point. It provides differential length and angle measurement with the highest accuracy, minimising environmental effects. The sensor head is made of stainless steal as standard. 



  • Differential length and angle measurement with the highest accuracy, e. g. positioning systems for long-term material investigations and dilatometry
  • Angles and tilts are measured with the greatest accuracy by calibrating the beam distance
  • Optional vacuum-compatible designs


Technical Data

  • Measurement range: ≤ 2 m
  • Resolution: 20 pm
  • Beam distance (standard): 21 mm
  • Angular measurement range: ±1.5 arcmin
  • Angular resolution: 0.001 arcsec


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