Armstrong Optical Offers a range of high accuracy laser displacement measurement interferometric instrumentation including;


Single beam interferometers

SIOS  SP- single beam Displacement measurement



SP, SP-LR (long range) and MI (retroreflector) displacement measurement instrumentation with stabilised HeNe lasers as well as custom systems in stainless steel on Invar and environmental correction.





Dual beam interferometers

SP-DS, SP-DIS and SP-DI with both differential and two independent measuring arms with stabilised HeNe lasers and environmental correction.


Triple beam interferometers – true 3 beam systems


SIOS  SP-TR for Displacement measurement
SP-TR and the SP-TR-LR (long range) displacement measurement instrumentation with high stability stainless steel or Invar construction and stabilised HeNe lasers and environmental correction.








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SIOS Displacement measurement

SIOS Displacement measurement Double Beam