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Logo_SIOS - Laser Metrology Armstrong Optical offers a range of laser metrology solutions from our partners SIOS Meßtechnik GmbH. SIOS GmbH is world renowned for the development and manufacture of laser based interferometric precision metrological instrumentation.  Their system range from standalone measurement devices to complete measuring stations for measuring displacement, angles, weights, forces, pressures and vibration.

Laser interferometers

The SIOS Meßtechnik GmbH systems are based on their patented miniaturised He-Ne laser interferometeric heads. These fiber-coupled heads achieve remsios - Laser Metrologyarkable resolution of <0,1 nm with very high stability and precision due the use of the SIOS frequency stabilised He-Ne laser as light source. This in combination with environmental compensation for air pressure, humidity and temperature, (both air and material) ensure the systems long term stability. The use of fibre optics to inject the light into the sensor head also ensures the test environment is uninfluenced by any external factors and means the head is both portable and can be mounted in any orientation, offering a very flexible laser metrology instrument. These miniature interferometers can be equipped with either cube corner retroreflector or plane mirror, used in single-axis, two-axis and multiaxis systems as well as over long distances. Furthermore velocity and vibration measurement is offered as well as complete measuring equipment and laser metrology systems development/ manufacturing.  All according to the customers’ expectations.

 5 DOF interferometer
Industrial Interferometer
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SIOS Industrial interferometer


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