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SwissOptic News

SwissOptic (Wuhan) Co., Ltd., the Chinese subsidiary company of SwissOptic, reached a new milestone last month by welcoming its 100th employee…. Click here for details

Trioptics News – Aug2015

News from Trioptics including; OptiCentric Bonding 5D, TriAngle – New Software Plugins, Laser Rod Test Station…. Click here for details

Sydor Instruments is now part of Sydor Technologies

Sydor Instruments has undergone tremendous growth and transformation over the past ten years.  Our changes include acquisitions and strategic partnerships that have strengthened our ability to solve complex measurement challenges… Click here for more details


Visit our partners Axetris at the upcoming ECOC Show (Feria Valencia) where they will exhibit their extended range of micro optics. … Click here for details


The 3rd biennial Optical Metrology meeting is announced with an exciting number of speakers from across Europe…fellow committee member and industry veteran, Ian Johnstone, Director of Armstrong Optical, says, “For anyone involved in metrology of any kind, a couple of hours invested in a visit to the Optical Metrology meeting and subsequent stroll around the exhibition will repay the time and effort expended……Click here for details

Berliner Glas & SwissOptic News

Berliner Glas Group publishes technical article on the Corrosion of Borosilicate Glasses…. Click here for details

Berliner Glas & SwissOptic News

New space for the coating technology division of the Berliner Glas Group – laying the foundations for further growth …… Click here for details

Berliner Glas & SwissOptic News

Up to two meter long cylinder lenses and mirrors for high-tech lasers – the Berliner Glas Group extends its manufacturing expertise… Click here for details 

Real time online M2 measurements for industrial laser processing.

The BWA-MON Laser Beam Waist Analyzer MONitor system from Haas Laser Technologies Inc enables truly “real-time” and comprehensive laser beam characterisation of high power (kW) CW and pulsed lasers to international ISO standards without moving parts……  Click here for more details

Novel optical sensor systems from Armstrong Optical

Four unique, newly developed non-contact sensor systems from Precitec Optronik.
Precitec Optronik GmbH has developed several new, faster, more resolving, higher performance sensors to address the demands of a world-wide industrial manufacturing….. Click here for more info

Berliner Glas & SwissOptic News

The Berliner Glas Group has added controllers for electrostatic chucks (ESCs) to its product portfolio.

The intelligent system controls improve the clamping and de-clamping performance of e-chucks considerably …  Click here for more details

SIOS GmbH News

SIOS GmbH introduce their new 5 DOF system with Straightness Measurement

The new SP 15000 TR are designed for high-precision length, angle and straightness measurements on positioning axes. A synchronous, continuous
5 DOF-measurement is possible.  …  Click here for more details

Sydor Instruments News

Meet with a Sydor representative at these upcoming events to discuss your unique x-ray detection requirements:

  • May 18th-20th: NSLS-II & CFN Joint Users’ Meeting (Bldg. 555)
  • June 9th-10th: CHESS Users’ Meeting
  • July 6th-10th: Synchrotron Radiation Instrumentation Conference (Booth 204)        ……Click here for details
Photonex 2015

Armstrong Optical sponsors Optical Metrology – latest developments in instrumentation for industry and research…….. Click here for details

The third ‘Optical Metrology – latest developments in instrumentation for industry and research’ will be held on Wednesday 14th October 2015 alongside PHOTONEX 2015 at Ricoh Arena in Coventry

ROSS  Streak Camera System News

Brand new in 2015, the ROSS 5800 system uses a new streak tube…….. Click here for details

XONOX – Optical Metrology Workstations from Armstrong Optical ltd – Click here for details

The Xonox range of metrology workstation
Upward Looking Workstations
Precise vertical interferometer tower for optical workshops, highly cost efficient offering unique vibration damping system for use in the production environment……


2014 NEWS

Christmas 2014 – Seasonal Greetings  – Click Here for more details
Berliner Glas Group – Perfecting Chucks: Clamping Force and Flatness – New White Paper published – Click here for details

Chucks are used in various areas of the semiconductor industry: in lithographic processes, inspection steps, coating, 3D integration, wafer handling and during etching processes. Therefore Berliner, Glas has developed methods to model, test and optimize the effective clamping force and the resulting flatness……

New Website for Armstrong Optical – Click here for details

We are pleased to invite you to take a tour of our new website, designed for ease of use and full of new features from all our suppliers, some of whom are detailed below. For more information on their products please click through on any of the links..

Trioptics – High-Precision Mounted Lens Production – Click here for details

Directional adhesive bonding versus alignment turning. Modern optic systems require modern assembly and joining techniques. The trend of keeping production dimensions as small as possible……

Swiss Optic – Machine Vision solutions – Click here for details

Machine vision and imaging has three major pillars, sensor, software and the optics.  SwissOptic and their partners in China, SwissOptic Wuhan offer bespoke OEM machine vision optical solutions…..

Berliner Glas Group – Custom designed, high-precision chucks for the semiconductor industry – Click here for details

At Semicon West 2014 in San Francisco the Berliner Glas Group will present examples of its products and solutions. One of the highlights is a new e-chuck.

Sydor Instruments Announces SBIR Phase IIB Grant Award – Click here for details

Sydor Instruments has been awarded a Phase IIB grant from the Department of Energy to complete the technology transfer of a novel microstrip detector in collaboration with Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL). Once completed, it will be readily available to a broad community of researchers at synchrotron facilities worldwide.

SwissOptic Optical solutions in space Sentinel 1A launch – Click here for details

Successful launch of Sentinel-1A – the satellite carries optical systems of SwissOptic

Optical Metrology Solutions from Armstrong Optical –  Click Here for more details

Topics include; 300mm Fizeau interferometer  IFV-300 & IFH-300; New Production 150 mm Interferometer IFV-150; Caliball – Reference Sphere; CT Gauges – Contact and Non-Contact


2013 NEWS

Christmas 2013 – Seasonal Greetings  – Click Here for more details 
Remarkable Performance Thermography Systems by InfraTec GmbH – Click here for more details

Speed, precision and innovation . This is what thermographic solutions by InfraTec GmbH stand for…….

Optical Test and Metrology Instrumentation – Trioptics GmbHClick here for more details

Compact and fully motorized MTF Test Station for use in prototype and small serial production…….

New high resolution thermography cameras from InfraTec and Active thermography for online Test & QA  – Click here for more details

ImageIR 9300.  The latest addition to the portfolio of high specification thermography cameras in the InfraTec GmbH product range………

Axetris at ECOC 2013, booth 225 – Click here for more details

Axetris AG exhibits it’s extended range of micro optics, micro optical lenses, diffractive optical gratings as well as Infrared Sources at ECOC 2013 ….

SIOS Laser interferometers on the BBC  – Click here for more details
SwissOptic & Armstrong Optical LtdClick here for more details

Swissoptic for Design to Installation. A recent success story for Swissoptic is the design, manufacture and test of the next generation of  airborne camera lens……..

Ophir Infrared Optics News – Click here for more details

Ophir’s latest brochure details their full range of high performance infrared optical elements and lenses for the Defense, Security and Commercial markets………

Armstrong Optical Thermography Roadshow – Click here for more details

With the arrival of a plethora of low cost thermographic cameras into a relatively untrained market it has become even more important to offer an alternative. To that end we would like you to accept this personalised invitation to the Armstrong Optical Thermography Roadshow……

Swissoptic & Armstrong Optical Ltd – Click here for more details

The LASER World of PHOTONICS will take place from 13 – 16 May 2013 in Munich. It is one of the most important European fairs in the Photonics industry. We would like to take the opportunity to invite you ………

2012 NEWS

Christmas 2012 – Click here for more details


Suppliers News and Press Releases