Armstrong Offer a range of Optical components in the Vis & IR


Visible Optics

Click here includes services for optical component manufacture such as Optical design, Mechanical design and products such as Spherical optics, Aspherical components & freeform optics, Plane-Parallel & Plane Optics, Prisms & Prism systems, Multifunctional & monolithic optics, Microstructuring, Thin film coatings

IR Optics

Click here includes, SWIR (0.9-1.7 um), for more details click here, LWIR (8- 12 um, uncooled detectors) for more details click here ,ZnS optical elements, Silicon Micro-optics

For Assemblies

Click here for the Defence, Geosystems, Medical & Semiconducter/DUV.

Davidson Optronics  – Click here