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The PSM makes optical system alignment easy, fast and deterministic. Use the PSM to align each optical component’s centers of curvature of its theoretical design location to within 1 μm laterally and 3 μm axially.
Align to actual optical datums such as centers of curvature and foci rather than relying on proxy mechanical features. Then mechanical tolerances can be relaxed to reduce the costs of optics and mounts.


The PSM is invaluable for aligning aspheric optics including free forms. The PSM locates reflected images and shows the point spread as in a Star test. By adjusting the asphere in tilt and decenter while keeping the image centered on the PSM, the aberrations in the image are eliminated showing the asphere axis is aligned to the system axis.
Because the PSM is sensitive to image shape, or point spread, to a level of about λ/8, the PSM can detect errors in individual components while they are being assembled. Corrections for out of spec components are made prior to complete assembly saving time and money.
Another use for the PSM is measurement of radius of curvature providing as easy check on whether an element has been inserted backwards. By removing the objective the PSM becomes an autocollimator with sub-second sensitivity for angular alignment.


The PSM comes complete with a 10x objective, laptop and NI LabView based PSM Align software for use anywhere in your shop or test setup. In addition to the autocollimation mode an internal LED Kohler illumination system makes the PSM into a full field digital microscope.
A range of objectives and mounting hardware make it easy to tailor the PSM to applications throughout your shop or laboratory.

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