Precitec is the specialist for laser material processing and optical measuring technology. What does this mean? They are not just a system and component supplier, but also your professional partner for smooth processing.


The wide range of CHRocodile sensors from Precitec utilize several distinct techniques to perform high speed distance and thickness measurements. Chromatic confocal and interferometric methods are used to measure on nearly all surfaces. Various white and infrared light sources are available to extend the ranges of materials.



Interferometric Method for Transparent Thin Films (transparent, 2µm to 250µm)


Thickness (transparent, 2µm to 250µm)

Interferometric Method for Transparent Thin Films 


Thickness (transparent, up to 37mm)

CHRomatic Confocal Principle for Thickness Measurements (transparent, up to 37mm)


Thickness (opaque)

Interferometric Method for Non-Transparent (opaque) Materials


Optical Probes

The probes range from the 100µm probe with a resolution of less than 5nm right up to the 25mm probe with a resolution of just under 1µm


CHRocodile Sensor Systems

The full range of CHRocodile systems available 


CHRocodile C

The CHRcodile C offers a cost-effective solution for measuring thickness and distance, with a choice of 4 Objective Lenses
Precitec CHRocodile CPrecitec CHRocodile C Custom Stand Measuring Thickness of Glass Wafer
The image on the right shows the CHRocodile C on a custom stand, measuring the thickness of a glass wafer.
The ultra compact CHRocodile C sensor with its robust and integrated design offers high precision distance and thickness measurements.
CHRocodile C is specially suited for industrial inline use and easily integrable into any kind of inspection machine.
The extraordinary high dynamic range and the outstanding signal-to-noise ratio of the CHRocodile sensors ensure the best measuring results on any kind of surfaces.
Thanks to its compact dimensions and excellent performance/price ratio, CHRocodile C is the ideal alternative to classical laser triangulation sensors.


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