IR HeNe 3.39 laser from Neoark

MWIR 3.39 Laser


These lasers have been chosen for their remarkable long term stability, making them ideal for MWIR interferometric testing of anything from single lens elements or mirrors right up to complete focal and afocal lens objectives. The lasers are available with two output levels, >4mW and >8mW making their laser safety classification 3B.

3.39 laser HeNe
 Specification  15R3  30R3
 Wavelength (μm)  3.39 3.39
 Typical output (mW)  >4.0 >8.0
 Output stability (25X)    %/h  ±5.0  ±5.0
 Beam diameter mmφ  (1/e2)  2.6 3.0
 Beam divergence  (mrad)  1.7 1.6
 Linear  polarisation(extinction  ratio)  1000:1  1000:1
 Cavity length (mm)  683  933
 Transverse mode  TEM00   TEM00
 Longitudinal interval  (MHz)  219  160
 Number of longitudinal  modes(reference data) 1 – 2 1 – 2
 Gain width(reference  data)  280  280
 Safety classification  3B  3B
 Dimension/weight  (mm/kg)HeadPower  supply 118x118x730/6.3120x270x300/5.7 118x118x980/6.6120x270x300/5.7
 Electrical  requirement/Power  consumption 90V to 264VAC/100VA 50/60Hz 90V to 264VAC/130VA 50/60Hz


Other interferometer lasers include 1.15 um /1.52 um and 632 nm

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SIOS GmbH – Interferometer PSD

Interferometer  PSD from SIOS GmbH


SIOS GmbH offer a number of  simple means to align their interferometers, a PSD.  These PSD can be either internal or external to the interferometer and allow for the position of the returning beam to be constantly monitored and if required a used as a feed back control.

External Interferometer PSD
SIOS MI + External PSD optical layout

In this arrangement the PSD is external to the SIOS MI retro reflector interferometer.  These devices can be retro fitted to the standard SP-S or MI single beam inteferometers.SIOS Interferometer PSD




Alternatively, the PSD can be placed in the laser beam on the moving component rather than mounted on the interferometer itself.

SIOS New PSD optical layout

This enables the user to aglin the head to reduce errors in the measurments.SIOS New Interferometer PSD



Internal Interferometer PSD


In the new long range triple beam system this alignment aid is incorporated internally to the head, enabling to be easily set up with minimal errors being introduced.

SIOS Three beam  - new + PSD


PSD Readout
SIOS  SP-TR Interferometer PSD readout picture


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SIOS GmbH – Interferometer Reflectors

Interferometer Reflectors from SIOS GmbH


SIOS  SP-TR mirror picture
 Mirror interferometric reflectors

SIOS GmbH offer a number of reflectors for their interferometers, the choice which reflector depends on  the application and budget.  The simplest reflector is the plane mirror, as shown.  This offer excellent return power and can be made to any shape to cover any lateral movements.  The mirror shown is designed for the triple beam system other mirrors are available.





Hollow interferometric retro reflectorsSIOS hollow reflector

Other options include the hollow retro reflector, which offers good angular tolerance (10deg) and with a number of diameters available good lateral tolerance.SIOS  SP-TR reflectro picture Available for 1, 2 and 3 beam systems.









SIOS Ball reflector
 Ball interferometric reflectors

The final option is a ball reflector which give excellent angular tolerance, come in a range of diameters and are a cost effective solution when high angular tolerances are required.SIOS Ball reflector optical layout


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SIOS GmbH Interferometer alignment solutions

Interferometer alignment from SIOS GmbH


Sios GmbH offer a number of alignment solutions


Screw interferometer adjustmentSIOS - Screw adjustments

For long term stability the SIOS interferometer, the screw adjustment base is recommended.


Micrometer interferometer adjustment
SIOS - micrometer interferometer adjustments





Dual beam adjustment

For long term stability the interferometer is based placed horizontal, in some applications the beam needs to be vertical.  To achieve this SIOS offer a beam steering option using a fold mirror.SIOS - mirror adjustments







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SIOS GmbH SL03 & 04, HeNe Stabilised Lasers (freq. or amp.)

SIOS GmbH Stabilised lasers

SIOS Stabilised lasers HeNe image

The SIOS SL03 and SL04 are laboratory frequency or amplitude stabilised lasers at 632.8nm (HeNe). They employ a dual longitudinal mode stabilisation technique providing high frequency and amplitude stabilities, low optical feedback, and extremely rapid warm-up. The separate table-top housing incorporating a high-voltage supply and control electronics equipped with a front-panel switch for selecting either frequency-stabilised or amplitude-stabilised mode of operation.

SIOS Stabilised lasers specification
  • High long-term frequency stability – < ±6×10-9 over 8hrs
  • Rapid warm up time
  • Compact design
  • Standard thread connector for accessories eg. fibre couplers (PM/SM/MM)
  • Choice of single plane or two orthogonal planes of polarisation with laser case marking
  • CE marked and compliant with EN 61010-1, 60825-1, 55011, 50082-1
  • Tracable calibration certification

Other SIOS laser include the SIOS OEM HeNe laser and the PM fibre coupled HeNe laser and lasers at 1.15/1.52 um and 3.39 um


Click here to download details of the SL-03 laser brochure or the SL-04 brochure or call Armstrong Optical (44 (0)1604 654220) or CLICK HERE for more information.

(the SL-04 is a form fit replacement for the Spectra Physics 117).

SIOS GmbH SIOS Stabilised lasers HeNe image SL04


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SWIR HeNe lasers for interferometry

SWIR HeNe lasers at 1.15µm and 1.52µm for interferometry

  • >8 mW at 1.15 µm and >3mW at 1.52 µm
  • Excellent long term stabilitySWIR HeNe  - 1.52 and 1.15 um
  • Rapid warm up
  • Linear polarisation
  • Good beam divergence <1.7m Rads
  • Class 3b safety classification

Other interferometer lasers include 3.39 um and 632 nm

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