SIOS GmbH Stabilised lasers

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The SIOS SL03 and SL04 are laboratory frequency or amplitude stabilised lasers at 632.8nm (HeNe). They employ a dual longitudinal mode stabilisation technique providing high frequency and amplitude stabilities, low optical feedback, and extremely rapid warm-up. The separate table-top housing incorporating a high-voltage supply and control electronics equipped with a front-panel switch for selecting either frequency-stabilised or amplitude-stabilised mode of operation.

SIOS Stabilised lasers specification
  • High long-term frequency stability - < ±6x10-9 over 8hrs
  • Rapid warm up time
  • Compact design
  • Standard thread connector for accessories eg. fibre couplers (PM/SM/MM)
  • Choice of single plane or two orthogonal planes of polarisation with laser case marking
  • CE marked and compliant with EN 61010-1, 60825-1, 55011, 50082-1
  • Tracable calibration certification

Other SIOS laser include the SIOS OEM HeNe laser and the PM fibre coupled HeNe laser and lasers at 1.15/1.52 um and 3.39 um


Click here to download details of the SL-03 laser brochure or the SL-04 brochure or call Armstrong Optical (44 (0)1604 654220) or CLICK HERE for more information.

(the SL-04 is a form fit replacement for the Spectra Physics 117).

SIOS GmbH SIOS Stabilised lasers HeNe image SL04


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