SIOS GmbH Double Beam Interferometer Plane Mirror

SIOS GmbH double beam interferometer

The SIOS SP-DS plane mirror double beam interferometer has 2 independent measuring arms and 2 internal references (see also the SP-DI and SP-DIS).  It can be incorporation into customer supplied systems or used as stand alone devices, for simultaneously nano precision displacement measurements in 2 axis.

SIOS dual beam optical layoutHigh Precision Double beam interferometer specifications
  • Plane mirror distance measuring interferometers - easy intergration
  • Various beam separations available  - higher accuracy angular measurement
  • Atmospheric condition variation compensation (T,P, Hum) - long term stability
  • Measuring resolution as small as 0.1nm over 2m range - longer ranges available
  • Double beam interferometer allows simultaneous measurement of angular displacement to high accuracy- enable precise feedback control.
  • Options on reflectors, mirrors, balls and hollow retroreflectors (more information)
  • New options on beam alignment solutions (more information)

New developments include a new precision alignment device.

SIOS Dual beam interferometer alignment system

For more information download the SP-DS brochure or to view more Displacement measurement systems or SIOS interferometric products and for your demonstration please contact Armstrong Optical (44 (0)1604 654220) or CLICK HERE

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