Contact CT gauge for optics

Contact CT Gauge

Armstrong Optical Contact CT gauge

The Contact CT Gauge from Armstrong Optical offers thickness measurements of upto 100mm with a standard diameter range of 300mm. Used for quick, accurate measurement of glass components this system incorporates 2 Heidenhain linear gauges mounted in opposition to each other. These are linked to a digital display which shows the difference between the 2 probes thus giving a direct reading of center thickness. The top gauge has a range of 25mm, resolution of 0.1μm and is movable to give access for thicker lenses. The bottom gauge has a range of 12mm, resolution of 0.1μm and is generally fixed. Both gauges have probe lifters attached so that the probes may be retracted allowing easy access for positioning of the lens prior to measurement. The table, mounted between the 2 gauges, is constructed of TUFSET plastic on an aluminium backing plate, offering robust construction along with a non-marking surface. The whole is mounted onto a granite base offering stability with low maintenance (corrosion free). For a non contact technical click here and for more information on this product or our gauge block calibration system . For your demonstration please contact Armstrong Optical (44 (0)1604 654220) or CLICK HERE


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SIOS GmbH EPP, Laser Gauge Block Calibration System

SIOS GmbH Gauge block calibration

SIOS - EPP Gauge block calibration

The SIOS GmbH EPP gauge block calibration system is based on a metrological method in which the upper inductive probe is replaced by a SIOS LM 20 laser gauge probe laser interferometric gauging probe with a measuring range of 20mm and a resolution of <1nm. The German standards institute, the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB) Braunsweig, has determined that the use of this type of laser gauge block calibration system ensures that metric errors of 10nm or less over 15mm. This in turn can reduce the number of standard gauge blocks required and allow the comparison of gauge blocks of differing lengths, speeding up calibration and reducing the number of standard gauges required.

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For more information please download the SIOS EPP_Gauge block calibration system Brochure. For your demonstration please contact Armstrong Optical (44 (0)1604 654220) or CLICK HERE

Sensor Applications

High accuracy lens thickness measurement and wafer thickness measurement

SIOS lensSIOS wafer

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SIOS GmbH LM, Laser Gauging Probe

SIOS GmbH laser gauging probe

SIOS GmbH Gauging probe


The SIOS GmbH LM-Series laser interferometric gauging probes are precision gauging probes; the first of their kind to allow  contact length measurements over ranges of 20 mm to 50 mm with nanometer precision.

The standard 8h6-mm diameter probe shaft and compact gauging probe head allow the gauge to be easily inserted into conventional length measurement systems. The integrated miniature interferometer converts displacements of the motor driven probe shaft into optical interference signals that are transmitted via a fibre optic cable to an optoelectronic signal processing /power supply unit for processing and output as length.

A SIOS frequency stabilised HeNe Laser, serves as the light source for the interferometer within the gauging probe, sensor within the head provide data for the correction of laser wavelength to allow for environmental influences to be considered. Instrument operation and display of measurement results are controlled via a PC running the software package supplied.

Complete metology systems are also available – SIOS EPP  – Laser gauge block calibration and for other contact probe systems click here

For your demonstration please contact Armstrong Optical (44 (0)1604 654220) or CLICK HERE


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Applications in wafer thickness measurement

SIOS wafer
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SIOS GmbH PT, Test Rig for Applanation Tonometers

Applanation Tonometer test rig

SIOS GmbH Applanation Tonometer test rig

The SIOS GmbH PT-Series optical interferometric test rig for applanation tonometers consists of a laser based testing device equipped with a standard USB interface for coupling to a PC, and bespoke signal processing software running on standard PCs/notebook computers. Its flexibility configuration allows its use with various types of tonometers.

The buckling force set on the tonometer to be tested is automatically recorded over its full travel. Detecting the limits of the tonometer’s travel allows outputting both its buckling force characteristic curve over its full travel and the buckling force at the midpoint of its travel, as stipulated by testing regulations.

For more information please download the PT applantion tonometer test rig brochure

For your demonstration please contact Armstrong Optical (44 (0)1604 654220) or CLICK HERE

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