Armstrong Optical non contact CT gauge


Armstrong Optical CT Gauge

Ranking alongside the the measurement of radius of curvature, surface form, diameter etc probably the most important feature that needs to be known when manufacturing precision optics of any kind is the centre thickness. The measurement of this parameter is usually performed using contact probes – but now there is an alternative non-contact system, the CT Gauge that sees the demise of sleeks, scratches and digs cause by the mechanical contact of the measurement probe with the, potentially soft, lens surface.

The CT Gauge has been designed with users in mind by taking into account the valuable input from potential end-users such as manufacturers of precision optics, quality departments assessing production batches and Goods-In quality checks assessing the compliance to specification of bought-in optics.

The features of the CT Gauge include:
  • Rugged mechanical structure ensuring measurement repeatability
  • Measurement resolution to better than ±1micron, and accuracy better than ±10microns
  • Material independent measurement – metals through to soft materials such as ZnS, ZnSe, chalcogenides etc.
  • System operates independent of component form – concave, convex, flat, aspheric surfaces
  • Surface finish independent – grey-glass, polished or ground, coated or uncoated
  • Standard system accomodates objects from 15 to 150mm diameter (150-300mm option)
  • Standard system able to measure components up to 25mm thick (45mm option)
  • Samples are edge-held in a self centring holder with nylon contact areas, again, removing the possibility of surface damage
  • USB 3.0 connectivity to intuitive, user-friendly control software (statistics, data handling option)

Please download the Non Contact CT Gauge from Armstrong Optical Brochure

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Amrstrong CT Gauge


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CLS chromatic confocal line scanner system


Precitec CLS chromatic confocal system for fast surface profiling


The new Precitec Optronik CLS chromatic confocal line scan sensor system uses an array of point foci arranged linearly to enhance the rapid scanning of surfaces of all kinds. While the usual chromatic confocal scanning system is made up of an optical controller unit with separate optical probe attached via an optical fibre, the CLS chromatic confocal line scan sensor system is housed in a single unit comprising light source, chromatic optics, spectrometer and control electronics



The CLS chromatic confocal line scan sensor system is available in two configurations – linear and with a 90° fold. Three line widths are available of 1, 2 and 5mm length providing a data-point pitch of 5, 10 and 25µm along the line. The three line-widths offer measuring ranges of 0.2, 1 and 4mm and resolutions of 30, 150 and 300nm respectively. All configurations can operate at data collection rates of up to 2KHz.

Ths CLS chromatic confocal system will soon be available for demonstration – if you have an application that you feel would benefit from the linescan performance don’t wait – just call us on +44 (0) 1604 654220 to talk to one of our specialists or CLICK HERE

For more information please download the Precitec Optronik CLS chromatic confocal brochure.

Wondering about chromatic confocal measurement? Click this link to have it explained Chromatic Confocal Measurement principles, 

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SIOS GmbH Laser focus sensor

SIOS GmbH  Laser focus sensor

SIOS GmbH Laser Focus Sensor Head Image

The SIOS LSF is an optical scanning sensor that has been specially designed for use with the SIOS NMM-1 Nanopositioning and Nanomeasuring Machine (NMM) and operates as a zero-point (null-point) sensor. All metrological procedures, i.e., motions of the object being measured on all three coordinate axes, are controlled by our NMM-1 Nanopositioning and Nanomeasuring Machine, and are based on signals transmitted by our Laser Focus Sensor to the NNM-1.

Read more by downloading the SIOS GmbH laser focus sensor brochure or review the other sensors manufactured by SIOS GmbH.

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SIOS oil drop


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SIOS GmbH White light interferometer

SIOS white light interferometer

SIOS GmbH white light interferometer


The SIOS WLI new white light interferometer sensor for use on the NMM-1

Click here to download a pdf of the white light interferometer Sensor for NMM-1. For your demonstration please contact Armstrong Optical (44 (0)1604 654220) or CLICK HERE

SIOS GmbH White Light Interferometer sensorSIOS GmbH White Light interferometer Fringes

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