SIOS GmbH Differential interferometer

There are two differential interferometer configurations available from SIOS GmbH, ie with external reference arms. (the SP-D has two measuring arms and internal reference arms)


SIOS Differential interferometer SP_DI

Symmetrical construction for high precision measurements using a differential interferometer
  • High stability
  • Identical optical paths - ie reference and measuring arms pass through the same optical path.
  • Beam separation  ~20mm
  • Resolution  <0.1 nm
  • The result of measurements is a difference between displacements measured by each beam
  • A number of mounting options

For more information please download the SP-DI brochure




SIOS Differential interferometer SP_DIS

Measurements with external reference object using a differential interferometer

Measurement result is not affected by the position of interferometer, (for dissimilar reference and measurement paths)

• Calibration of the mirrors




Read more by downloading the SIOS SP-DIS Brochure to view more the SIOS product range or more SIOS displacement products for your demonstration please contact Armstrong Optical (44 (0)1604 654220) or CLICK HERE

SIOS Differential

SIOS SP-DI picture

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