Long range laser interferometer from SIOS GmbH

SIOS long range laser interferometerSP-LR Long range laser interferometer, offers high precision displacement measurement over 80 m, and is based on the SIOS SP series of laser interferometers.

Highlights of the single beam long range laser interferometer
  • Retroflector, distance measuring interferometers - easily incoperated into applications (more details on the reflectors)
  • Measuring resolution better than 1 nm over 80 m - excellent measuring range and resolution
  • Atmospheric condition variation compensation (T,P,Hum) -long term stability
  • Small sensor head - easily mounted in any orientation

For more information please download the lastest flyer. SIOS SP-LR Brochure to view more the SIOS product range, or more SIOS displacement products , for long range 3 beam systems and for your demonstration please contact Armstrong Optical (44 (0)1604 654220) or CLICK HERE

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SIOS Long Range laser Interferometer

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