NEW Industrial interferometer from SIOS GmbH

SIOS Industrial Interferometer

The NEW SIOS GmbH industrial interferometer allows for the precise non-contact displacement measurements of reflective surfaces using a single laser beam interferometer.  Due its small size (55 x100 mm) and fibre optic coupling it can be readily adapted to suit a wide variety of experimental setups and precision measurement tasks. Improvements on the SP-S include easy mounting holes and hermetically sealed housing to improve the environmental performance.

Planar mirrors or other optical-quality reflective surfaces act the reflectors on the translating/measuring arms of the interferometer, and may be angularly misaligned by as much as several minutes of arc with respect to the laser beam without adversely affecting the operation of the device ensuring ease of use and setup. For higher angular tolerance please see the other reflector options or retro reflector system from SIOS GmbH.

The beam from the SIOS stabilised laser source is transmitted to the sensor head via a fibre optic cable, ensuring maximum flexibilty in locating the head. The miniature interferometer then internally converts motions of the reflector into optical interference signals that are processed by a remote signal processing/power supply unit. Instrument operation and display of measurement results are controlled either through a standard PC running an optional software package or labview drivers, or via a standard encoder reader.


NEW SP Controller

A new compact controller is available for the SP-S series of laser interferometers


SIOS- Compact controller



For more information click SP-S Series laser homodyne interferometer brochure, to view more the SIOS product range or more SIOS displacement products and for your demonstration please call Armstrong Optical (44 (0)1604 654220) or CLICK HERE.




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