SIOS GmbH SP-LR1500, 3 beam long range interferometer with 5DOF measurement

SIOS Long Range Interferometer


SIOS GmbH Long range interferometer – Three beams with 5DOF Measurement

The SIOS GmbH SP-LR three beam long range interferometer, offers high precision triple beam simultaneous three axis displacement and dual angular measurement over 15 m, and is based on the popular SIOS GmbH SP series of triple beam laser interferometers for 5DOF measurement.

The measuring reflector is based on a combination of hollow reflectors (More details) allowing for a maximum tilting angle of ± 5° when the center of rotation is in the center of the reflector. It also comes with the internal PSD alignment for ease of set up.

For demonstrations call Armstrong Optical (44 (0)1604 654220) or CLICK HERE.

For more information please download the lastest flyer. SP15000TR 5DOF to view more the SIOS product range or more SIOS displacement products. For single beam long range measurements please view the SP LR and for short range triple beam measurements the standard SP TR.


5DOR measurement

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SIOS GmbH SP-TR, triple beam interferometer

SIOS GmbH Triple beam interferometer

SIOS - Triple beam interferometerThe SIOS SP-TR triple beam interferometer system is based on the SIOS SP single beam system by combines three of these interferometers into a single unit allowing simultaneous nanometer-precision triaxial length measurements to be performed. Pitch and yaw angles can be determined to high precision from the difference between pairs of length measurements and the respective beam separation. The dynamic range for pitch and roll measurements are approximately two minutes of arc.  For long range measurements over 15 m please view the SIOS SPTR1500. To review the various reflector options click here.

Read more by downloading the SP-TR brochure to view more the SIOS product range or more SIOS displacement products for your demonstration please call Armstrong Optical (44 (0)1604 654220) or CLICK HERE.

NEW  – SIOS Triple beam head with interchangeable focusing lenses and new beam alignment technology
SIOS - SP-TR sensor head Triple beam interferometer Triple beam SIOS head






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