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The SIOS GmbH Laser vibrometer allows non specialist engineers to undertake non-contact vibration measurements on surfaces of arbitrary roughness and low reflectivity.

The device comes with comprehensive software which allows for sample frequency range of up to 500Khz with a working distance of 240 - 2500mm, and a measuring resolution of 0.1nm, this device is ideally suited to general industrial applications.

SIOS GmbH Single Beam Interferometeric vibrometerApplications for the SIOS Laser Vibrometer

Calibration of piezo stacks and actuators

Vibration analysis on CNC milling machines and other high precision CNC systems

Vibration measurements/calibration of MEMS, sensors, micro switches

Testing of switching operations on electric, pneumatic, magnetic switches and valves

Testing of medical instrumentation - cell manipulators, electric scalpels etc

Analysis of fans, ventilators, sonotrodes and other industrial components

Calibration of axial bearings and rotary drives (concentricity)

Vibration analysis on drive systems (linear and axial)

Replacement of inductive/capacitive sensors in geophysical instruments, dilatometers, hardness testing machines

Testing of acoustic properties of loudspeakers and membranes

Testing of damping and stress-strain features in materials such as polymer fibres, carbon fibres, metals, glass, etc


Other SIOS vibrometers include the SIOS NA - microscope vibrometer


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Interferometer Applications

SIOS - LSV on tripod Laser Vibrometer

SIOS - piezo test

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