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The SIOS  GmbH NA microscope vibrometer is a fibre-coupled laser interferometric vibrometer integrated in a precision technical microscope. It is ideally suitable for measurements of dynamic properties and near static displacements of MEMS, micro structures, and cantilevers.

Flexible motorised sample positioning is standard in the system allowing for automated testing over an area of 50 mm x 50 mm . The vibrating object can be viewed on PC by means of a USB camera allowing for easy/fast set up. Objectives with magnifications of 10x and 50x (Laser spot diameter <2micron) are interchangeable for maximum flexibility. Due to the nature of the interferometer low noise near DC deflection measurements as well as spectral analysis up to a frequency of 2 MHz are ready achieved. Amplitudes can also be accurately measured with sub-nanometer resolution.

A standard PC running specialised data analysis software controls the operation and displays the results. This software allows the frequency analysis of vibrations, the triggered data acquisition and a script-controlled scanning of surface structures.

Other vibrometers from SIOS GmbH include the LSV laser vibrometer, for larger object analysis.

Download a pdf of the technical specification of the laser microscope vibrometer to view more the SIOS product range or more SIOS displacement products

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