MWIR 3.39 Laser


These lasers have been chosen for their remarkable long term stability, making them ideal for MWIR interferometric testing of anything from single lens elements or mirrors right up to complete focal and afocal lens objectives. The lasers are available with two output levels, >4mW and >8mW making their laser safety classification 3B.

3.39 laser HeNe

 Specification  15R3  30R3
 Wavelength (μm)  3.39 3.39
 Typical output (mW)  >4.0 >8.0
 Output stability (25X)    %/h  ±5.0  ±5.0
 Beam diameter mmφ  (1/e2)  2.6 3.0
 Beam divergence  (mrad)  1.7 1.6
 Linear  polarisation(extinction  ratio)  1000:1  1000:1
 Cavity length (mm)  683  933
 Transverse mode  TEM00   TEM00
 Longitudinal interval  (MHz)  219  160
 Number of longitudinal  modes(reference data) 1 - 2 1 - 2
 Gain width(reference  data)  280  280
 Safety classification  3B  3B
 Dimension/weight  (mm/kg)HeadPower  supply 118x118x730/6.3120x270x300/5.7 118x118x980/6.6120x270x300/5.7
 Electrical  requirement/Power  consumption 90V to 264VAC/100VA 50/60Hz 90V to 264VAC/130VA 50/60Hz


Other interferometer lasers include 1.15 um /1.52 um and 632 nm

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