SIOS GmbH PM fibre coupled laser

SIOS GmbH PM fibre coupled laser

The SIOS SL 02-Series stabilised HeNe lasers employ a two-mode stabilisation technique providing high frequency stability in conjunction with rapid warm-up. The beam is linearly polarised with two different models being present in the laser, single mode or two polarised modes can be outputed, this laser can be supplied with and without PM or SM fibre coupler.

The SIOS SL02 PM fibre coupled laser specifications

High long-term frequency stability - <+/- 6x10-9 over 8hrs
Rapid warm up time
Compact design
Standard thread connector for various fibre inputs
Choice of single plane (SL02/1) or two orthogonal planes of polarisation (SL02/2) with laser case marking as required
Amplitude or frequency stabilisation
CE marked and compliant with EN 61010-1, 60825-1, 55011, 50082-1
Traceable calibration certification

Please download the SIOS SL-02 brochure or call Armstrong Optical (44 (0)1604 654220) or CLICK HERE.

Other SIOS NeHe laser include the SIOS OEM HeNe and the SIOS Stablised HeNe Laser and other interferometer laser include 1.15/1.52 um and 3.39 um

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