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SwissOptic optical coating

SwissOptic design and produce optical coatings and micro-structured optical components to your requirements. In combination with our technical competence and production capabilities for quality substrates and optical coatings, we offer can offer you a wide variety of solutions.

Optical Coatings

We design, develop, and produce demanding thin film coatings for a wide variety of OEM applications. Our spectral range extends from UV (190nm) to the infrared (6μm), with the addition of metal mirror coatings up to 12μm.

With our modern thin film coating technologies including  PVD with and without ion support and magnetron sputtering, our thin film coating design expertise,  in-process monitoring technologies utilizing  in-situ broadband monitoring, and the corresponding measurement and testing technologies we offer customers comprehensive solutions for their thin film applications. EM customer specified thin film optical coating

Optical coatings capability
  • V-Coat and broadband  Antireflection coatings
  • Polarising and non-polarizing beam splitters
  • Narrow-band transmission and reflection filters
  • Cut-off filters
  • Laser protection filters
  • Laser coatings (HR, AR) with high damage threshold (LIDT 20J/cm2)
  • High reflectivity metallic and dielectric mirrors
  • Chrome and black chrome coatings
  • Wear-protection, bondable and solderable optical coatings
  • Electrically conductive and transparent optical coatings (ITO)


ITO Optical Coatings

Design and production of electrically conductive coatings with high transmission in the visible range. The conductive optical coating can be designed with adjustable resistance.  ITO thin film coatings for heating the front areas of optical systems to prevent condensation  or as transparent electrodes, for example in identification systems

Customised designed optical coating and lithographic structuring of:
  • Masks, shutters and graduated filters
  • Reticles and targets
  • Line art on lenses
  • Beam splitters with hole matrix
  • Coded and analogue circles
  • Fluorescent structures in glass
  • Reference masks to check and calibrate optical devices
  • Structured dielectric coatings

We design and produce customer specified OEM thin film coatings, lithographically structured, in the µm-range, permitting new applications in high-end, imaging, opto-electronic systems with simultaneous specific spectral sensitivities.

Optical coating and lithographic products
  • Mosaic and line filter
  • Filters with customer specified  structured geometries
  • Colour-coded systems and reticles, in addition to black and white
  • Coloured gradient filters
  • Optical masks, shutters, reticles and calibrating plates

With the use of proprietary in-house lithographic processes such as lift-off, etching, contact printing, proximity printing and imaging printing, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of  solutions for your requirements.

Optical coating and lithographic structuring application areas:
  • Shutters for endoscopes and other optical devices
  • Masters in metrology and test technology
  • Reticles with cross-hairs and similar structures in telescopic sights or for optical measuring and analytical equipment
  • Optical calibration standards for measuring machines with optical scanning
  • Components for resolution testing of microscopes and lenses
  • Incremental and absolute circles / scales
  • Analog linear and rotatory graduated filters
  • Incremental and absolute encoder disks as well as linear scales for ultra-precision shaft encoders and linear measuring units.

For more information please download the SwissOptic coatings brochure and to see the complete Swissoptic range click here,

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