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swissoptic_monolithic optic

SwissOptic manufacture multifunctional & monolithic optics and develop novel integrated opto-mechanical solutions for our customers that provide significant performance enhancements and cost savings.

Monolithic optic advantages
  • Increased robustness by eliminating joint surfaces
  • Increased quality by reducing the optically effective surfaces
  • Miniaturize and reduce the weight of components by reducing the number of parts and through combination with micro-optical elements
  • Reduce the overall system costs by eliminating assembly and in particular alignment costs

SwissOptic produce a wide variety of multifunctional monolithic optics by integrating the mechanical functions in the optical components with the optical element and eliminating separate mechanical components, bonding layers, and adjustment work in the construction of optical systems. This greatly reduces thermal drifting and alignment issues associated with separate mechanical parts used to mount and align optics.

SwissOptic integrate various optical surfaces (plane, spherical and aspherical) and combine optical functions (beam deflection, beam focusing etc.) into a single correctly positioned monolithic optic. This allows new and novel designs of optical systems that are more stable, compact, cost effective, and result in quicker time-to-market through a substantial reduction of complexity.
By integrating mechanical functions and several optical functions in a single monolithic optic, we achieve maximum freedom of design, the highest optical performance, maximum robustness, the greatest possible reduction of size/weight and a reduction of overall cost.

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