SwissOptic Plane optics

swissoptic_laser_Plane optics

SwissOptic design and manufacture plane optics & plane-parallel optics to customer specifications with the highest quality, flexibility and reliability for use as mirrors, windows, filters, retardation plates or for special functions in your systems.

Plane optics mirrors

Mirror complete production from pre-processing of raw materials  to substrate through coatings and inspection
Flexible and high-precision production technologies
Optics with low defects in the surface for laser applications

Plane optics windows and standard wafers

SwissOptic produce parallel-plane optics with high quality, manufactured to customer specifications in a wide variety of geometries.
We also offer a very wide range of products where coatings & micro-structuring are combined.
In order to increase our speed we produce single parts from standard wafers wherever possible.

Multispectral, in-house transmission metrology

Programs available for the fast calculation of the theoretically necessary material thickness
Specific production of exact thickness tolerances +/-1µm simultaneously satisfying other optical requirements

Plane optics retardation plates

We flexibly produce retardation plates for specific applications:

For more information please download the Swiss plane optics brochure and to see the complete Swissoptic range click here

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