SwissOptic RetroReflector & Prisms

SwissOptic Prisms

For many years SwissOptic have manufactured the highest quality prisms for demanding applications.

Production of various types of prisms:

  • Maximum-precision prisms (λ/100 PV; λ/500 RMS), made by deterministic methods and ensured with correspondingly optimised metrology and test technology
  • Demanding prisms for various LASER applications with the highest demands in terms of surface flaws and qualities and coatings
Shaped and monolithic prisms

SwissOptic are able to flexibly produce complex shapes very precisely and efficiently:

  • Production and testing of  external geometries with a repeatable accuracy of up to 3μm
  • Positional tolerance (e.g. optics to mechanics) of up to 3μm alignment and 10sec of tilt,  thanks to metrology and alignment technologies integrated in the process
Retroreflectors & polygons

Deterministic production of very precise retroreflectors and polygons
High-precision polygons with single angles of increment and at the same time various angles of tilt

For more information please download the Swissoptics prism brochure and to see the complete Swissoptic range click here

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