Swissoptic Spherical optics

Swissoptic Spherical optics

SwissOptic manufacture spherical optics for your most demanding applications in imaging and multi-spectral systems (e.g.: digital aerial cameras) as well as in LASER-based technologies (e.g. femtosecond lasers, high-energy lasers, 193nm optics…) and aspherical optical components.

In-house flexible and controlled production technologies enable complete production from pre-processing of raw materials through coating, lacquering and metrology and certification.

Maximum precision lenses (λ/100 PV; λ/500 RMS), made by deterministic methods combined with integrated metrology and alignment technologies permit positional tolerances (e.g. optics to mechanics) of up to 3μm alignment and 10sec of tilt for spherical optics.

For more information please download the Swissoptics spheric optics brochure and to see the complete Swissoptic range click here

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