300mm Fizeau interferometers IFV-300 & IFH-300

300mm Fizeau interferometers

Armstrong Optical Fizeau interferometers IFV-300 & IFH-300

Newly available from Armstrong Optical are a range of customer-proven phase-measuring Fizeau interferometers with 300mm (12”) aperture in both vertical (downward-looking) and horizontal configurations, IFV-300 abd IFH-300. Both configurations are supplied with a certified lambda/20 transmission flat and an ergonomically designed sample handling system.

Both configurations are supplied with a certified lambda/20 transmission flat and an ergonomically designed sample handling system.

Using the well-respected, powerful and intuitive µShape Professional control, acquisition and analysis software from our partners Trioptics GmbH enables the simple, precise measurement of larger flat surfaces and windows in transmission.

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Initial design concepts

2 -fizeau interferometer









Delivered instrument

IFV300 - Fizeau Interferometer










Sliding drawer for loading sample

IFV300 -fizeau interferometer-sample drawer

Sample holder detail

IFV300- -fizeau interferometer lower

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Trioptics µPhase ® Interferometers

µPhase ® Interferometers from Trioptics

Measuring with Highest AccuracyµPhase-Pressebild WEB (1)


μPhase ® interferometers offer objective and precise measurement results of surface and wavefront measurements – quickly and reliably. μPhase ® interferometers are compact, small and lightweight digital tools which can be used in almost any working environment. These measuring devices are perfectly complemented by the μShape™ measurement and analysis software to fulfill the highest expectations of quality management.

Measuring without Leaving Marks

The μPhase ® Interferometer systems are used for measuring specular high precision µPhase-Farbfächercomponents made of glass, plastic, metal or ceramic etc.  The non-contact measurement method prevents damage to the sample under test, and gives the most exact evaluation of the entire surface or wavefront.

Strong Arguments for μPhase ® Line of Interferometers
  • Compact size and modularity enable adaptation to a variety of production and working environments
  • Ultra wide measurement range of optics and surfaces with reflectivities from 0.3% to 100%
  • Objective digital measurement prevent human errors
  • Well structured and comprehensive software supports both production and laboratory use
  • Unique combination of valuable features like Twyman-Green/Fizeau modes and second camera for alignment
Modular System Providing Standalone Interferometers and Turnkey Solutions


TRIOPTICS offers μPhase® interferometers as self-contained modular parts and also as turnkey systems.

The μPhase® interferometer is very compact and can easily be configured for applications where space is limited.

The μPhase® interferometer line includes a wide range of modular components giving great flexibility.


As a leading company in the field of optical test equipment TRIOPTICS has taken over the μPhase® line of interferometers from FISBA OPTIK AG, Switzerland, in 2010.

μPhase® perfectly complements TRIOPTICS product portfolio and with TRIOPTICS worldwide subsidiaries and distributors μPhase® can now be offered a wider customer base in optical and other industries.

A close partnership with FISBA OPTIK AG enables TRIOPTICS to deliver μPhase® products in

usual Swiss quality and to provide service for all μPhase® products.

Furthermore, the acquisition of FISBA OPTIK Berlin guarantees continuity in the development of the interferometer software μShape.


µPhase® Interferometer Sensor

µPhase® Interferometer Turnkey Systems – Plano Down, Plano Up, Sphero Up

µPhase® Interferometer Turnkey Systems – Vertical

µPhase® Interferometer Turnkey Systems – Horizontal

µPhase® Lenses

µPhase® PRO Interferometer

µPhase® interferometer Application Examples

µShape® Interferometer Acquisition and Analysis Software

µPhase® Interferometer Technical Specifications

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