CHRomatic Vision Camera

The CHRomatic Vision line scan camera uses chromatic optics for 2D imaging. It distinguishes from microscope cameras by highest depth of field. There is no need to autofocus anymore!

Use this technology for quality assurance in in-line and offline applications like cosmetic inspection of metal parts, defect inspection on wafers or OLED mask inspection.

The CHRomatic Vision camera uses CameraLink or GiGE interface and can easily be integrated in any image processing environment. The all-in-one design with integrated coaxial illumination enables easy integration into your production line.


  • Sharp image on structured objects
  •  Compact and all integrated concept
  •  Non-contact
  •  High-speed area scanning  for offline and inline quality control, up to 200Mpixel/s
  •  High contrast on all materials
  •  Integrated light source for coaxial illumination
  •  Interchangeable objective
  •  Maintenance-free
  •  Simple to integrate
  •  Independent to vibrations
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CHRomatic Vision Camera


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