The system SP 15000 C series is a multiple beam interferometer which can measure the length, two angles and the straightness simultaneously. Due to the large length measurement range the device is suitable for calibrating from small to very large machine tools and coordinate measurement machines.




Calibration Interferometer SP 15000 C Series

  • Synchronous, continuous 5 DOF-measurement of length, pitch and yaw angle as well as straightness
  • Horizontal and vertical components of axis straightness are measured by a rotatable optics.
  • Calibration software according to currently applicable standards
  • Easy handling and adjustment by integrated beam direction detection
  • Beam deflection with an optional adjustable deflection mirror


  • Calibration of higth-precision axes in measuring and machine tools, as well as coordinate measuring instruments
  • Laserinterferometric measurements on guides and translation stages
  • Ultraprecise simultaneous length and angle measurements
  • Differential measurements


Technical Data

Length measurement:

  • Measuring range: 15 m (up to  50 m)
  • Length resolution: 20 pm
  • Beam distance: 50 mm

Angle measurement:

  • Measuring range: up to ±5°
  • Angular resolution: < 0.01 arcsec (up to 0.0004 arcsec)

Straightness measurement:

  • Measuring range: ±4 mm
  • Resolution: 10 nm
  • Axial range (in measuring range freely selectable): < 6.5 m


Additional Information
Calibration Interferometer Data Sheet
Further Applications



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