Single-beam, high precision interferometer with plane-mirror, ball or hollow reflector:

Single-beam, high precision interferometer with plane-mirror, ball or hollow reflector. Single laser beam with the same optical path for the reflected measuring beam.



  • Best linearity

  • Measurement also through small windows
  • In case of using plane mirrors a lateral movement of the mirror or of the interferometer orthogonal to the measuring axis is possible
  • In case of using ball or hollow reflectors with high tilting invariance, the adjustment of the interferometer is very easy. The measuring distance is increased compared to the mirror reflector


  • Calibration of length measuring instruments, multiple coordinate, measurements, e.g. on planar tables, eccentricity and concentricity measurements


Model SP 5000 NG

  • Flexible, ultra-precise length measuring system
  • Modern industrial design, protection against splash water
  • Single-beam measuring principle minimizes Abbe errors
  • Plane mirrors and tilt-invariant reflectors are possible
  • Compact system for on-site use possible


  • Precision laser interferometric length measuring system as a measuring or calibration instrument for measuring and positioning stages, microscope stages, measuring machines, machine tools, hardness and materials testing instruments

  • Multiple coordinate measurements, e.g. on planar tables
  • Calibration of length measuring instruments
  • Eccentricity and concentricity measurements
  • Non-contact surface measurements


Model SP 15000 NG

  • High precision length measurements over long distances
  • Large tilt invariance
  • Various optical reflectors usable, e.g. triple mirror, ball and plane mirror reflectors


  • OEM measuring system or stand-alone device

  • Single and multi-axis versions
  • Laser interferometric precision length measurements and calibrations on coordinate and length measuring machines, machine tools, measuring and positioning tables
  • Measurement of large guide lengths and axes with critical tilting


Highest-stable differential interferometer with plane mirror and cat-eye reflector:

Laser interferometer with minimum 2 beams – The path length difference of the beams detects the length


SIOS SP-DI Sensorkopf


  • Differential measurement minimizes environmental effects


  • Measurements with highest demands on stability, so for long-term measurements


SP-DI Series

  • Differential length and angle measurement with the highest accuracy
  • Sensor head is made of stainless steel as standard
  • High long-term stability
  • Differential measurement minimizes environmental effects

  • Differential length and angle measurement with the highest accuracy, e. g. positioning systems for long-term material investigations and dilatometry
  • Angles and tilts are measured with the greatest accuracy by calibrating the beam distance
  • Optional vacuum-compatible designs


Classical and simple interferometer with corner cube reflector:

The reflected laser beam is shifted sideways and returns parallel to the outgoing beam


SIOS MI Series


  • Cold sensor head due to complete fiber-optic cable coupling
  • Easy adjustment due to tilting invariance of the corner cube reflector (±1.5°)
  • No signal losts even in the case of the axes not being straight


  • Calibration of axes and length measuring machines


MI Series

  • Flexible, ultra-precise length measuring system
  • Large permissible tilting of the measuring reflector
  • Traceable to national standards
  • The sensor head may be made of aluminium, stainless steel or invar


  • Laser interferometric precision length measuring system for installation in single and multi-axis measuring tables, microscope stages, machine tools and positioning stages

  • Calibration of machine tools and coordinate measuring machines
  • Precision length measurements in research and development


MI-K Series

  • Compact version with small electronic unit
  • Handy suitcase, for cabin luggage transport by plane
  • Especially appropriated for calibrating labs for field calibration tasks


Additional Information
Laser Interferometer Data Sheet
Differential Plane-Mirror Interferometer Data Sheet
Miniature Retroreflector Interferometer Data Sheet


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