Spherometers made by TRIOPTICS are used worldwide in hundreds of optics companies and laboratories for the precise measurement of the radius of curvature of concave and convex lenses. The radius of curvature is determined by the tactile measurement of the sagittal height of the curved lens surface. This high-precision radius measurement by means of Spherotronic® and SpheroCompact®, which can also be used for calibrating test plates, represent the industry’s standard today. In addition, the long-term accuracy and automated functions of spherometers are highly appreciated in laboratory and manufacturing environments.




Precise and simple radius measurement of lenses in production


SuperSpherotronic® HR

High-precision radius measurement



Highest precision in radius measurement


SpheroPRO (software)

The user-oriented software SpheroPRO was designed to fully meet the requirements in real-life applications. The intuitive user menu permits the easy, quick and error-free determination of the radius of curvature of lenses via pre-configured measurement programs. The current test step can be controlled directly by a schematic representation of the measured radius of curvature (concave or convex). Quality control is performed by means of a continuous statistical analysis of values.


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Trioptics - SpheroCompact with accessories in wooden box

Trioptics SuperSpherotronic® HR







Sphero Compact

Trioptics SuperSpherotronic® HRTriotpics UltraSpherotronic®

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