Aspheric lenses are of increasing importance in today’s optical industry. In a multitude of different areas of application single aspheric lenses are used instead several spherical lenses to build compact imaging systems. Thereby, the size and the weight of the systems are considerably reduced.


These systems have to be checked not only for their imaging properties after completion of the production process, but also after individual steps in the production process during the assembly.

In most of the cases conventional methods cannot be used for this kind of testing. Although e.g. the measurement of the modulation transfer function is a well-established method for fast and accurate quality inspection of entire objectives it has its limitation for non-imaging systems.


In contrast to this, Shack-Hartmann sensors are able to measure a very broad range of spherical and aspherical lenses as well as partially or fully assembled objectives due to their large dynamic range. In addition the high measurement frequency allows for real time testing and analysis.



High precision Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensors with large dynamic range


WaveMaster® UST

Automatic, full-field characterization of wavefront defects in large, bi-telecentric lenses


WaveMaster® Compact

Ideally suited for wavefront measurement of single lenses for quality assurance


WaveMaster® Plan

Wavefront measurement of planar optical elements


WaveMaster® PRO 2 & PRO 2 Wafer

Wavefront measurement systems with Shack-Hartmann Sensors for Series Testing of Lenses and Optical Wafers


WaveMaster® Compact Universal

Measuring the wavefront and surface topography of a lens


WaveMaster® IOL 2

The solution of the wavefront measurements of IOLs


WaveMaster® Compact Reflex

Surface topography measurement with Shack-Hartmann sensors


Additional Information
WaveSensor® Product Flyer
WaveMaster ® Compact Universal Flyer
OptiSpheric® IOL Family and WaveMaster® IOL 2 Flyer


Surface measurement in reflection with a Shack-Hartmann sensor


Wavefront sensor with illumination automatically measures the entire field of bi-telecentric lenses



WaveMaster® Compact for Shack-Hartmann based wavefront measurement
Wavefront and surface measurement with WaveMaster® Compact Universal


The WaveMaster® IOL 2 with single lens holder for measurement of IOLs in-air


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