Inspection, Alignment, Cementing and Assembly of Optics with the Trioptics OptiCentric®


According to ISO 10110 a centering error is present when the optical and the reference axis of a lens do not coincide, respectively these are different in position or direction.

During the process of cementing, alignment and bonding of lenses in a mount, significant centering errors can result and add to the machining errors of a lens. Consequently, the requirements of a high performance optical system can only be fulfilled when all the pro­duction steps from the centering tolerance measurement to the assembly of the lens in a mount are planned and designed as an inte­grated concept.

The modular TRIOPTICS product group OptiCentric® is able to measure nearly all types of lenses and opti­cal systems from the tiniest and smallest en­doscope systems to precision objectives weighting several hundred kilos for wafer step­pers in the semiconductors industry.

OptiCentric MOT100


The key components of an instrument are as follows:

  1. The autocollimator itself which is fitted with a suitable focusing (head) lens. These autocollimators can be supplied to operate in visible, medium wave IR (3-5um) and also long wave IR (8-12um).The autocollimator is mounted on a motorized vertical Z axis.
  2. A rotation device. Typically this is an air-bearing with virtually no run-out and the lens being measured in mounted on this. The air-bearing tables are available in 100mm, 300mm and 600mm diameters with the larger tables used for very large optics. The most popular size is 100mm.
  3. Trioptics sophisticated analysis software for measuring all aspects of lens centration including individual elements in a multi-element assembly.

In addition Trioptics also offer instruments for measuring lens thickness and air gaps in lens assemblies (both visible and IR).  This is the OptiSurf system. Ideally these measurements are made on a fully centered assembly in which case OptiCentric and OptiSurf are combined to give the OptiCentric 3D.

OptiCentric systems are also ideal for aligning and cementing lenses and also bonding lenses into housings, and Trioptics offer automated cementing and bonding stations.

The following downloadable PDFs give more information on all of these products.


OptiCentric® System

OptiCentric® for Infrared lenses

OptiCentric® MAX UP Bonding Station

OptiCentric® Cementing Station

video of cementing station operation

OptiCentric® 3D system

NEW - High Precision Alignment of a Lens in a Cell in 5 Degrees of Freedom

Trioptics 5D OpticentricThe OptiCentric® Bonding 5D Station has been developed to achieve the highest accuracy requirements during alignment of a lens in a cell.
The bonding system achieves positional accuracies of:
< 1µm in x,y,z direction and
< 2arcsec in ?x,?y direction

Download of OptiCentric 5D info


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