Interferometric Method for Non-Transparent (opaque) Materials

FFT graph







Using an infrared source and detector, visually opaque materials such as silicon wafers or black plastic bottles can be measured. Based on the reflected light from the two (or more) surfaces, the interference pattern can be used to determine thickness. If there are multiple layers, those individual thicknesses can also be determined, as well as the total thickness. Since the optical probe contains no electronics or moving parts, it is very robust for inline applications, even in wet, acidic or dirty environments.


CHRomatic Confocal Principle for Synchronized Dual-Sided Thickness Measurements

two sensors thickness







The highly versatile chromatic confocal principle can be used to measure distance on nearly all substrates. By synchronizing two of these measurements, it is possible to measure the thickness of materials that are completely opaque, such as metals or opaque wafers.

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