SIOS GmbH technical paper

SIOS GmbH have released a series of technical papers over the years. These are detailed below.

Precise, non-contact and flexible the new laser interferometric vibrometer

Mechanically coupled sensors have traditionally been used to measure vibrations. However, the general, continuing trend toward miniaturization is placing entirely new demands on measuring systems that have to measure the motion of objects through a wide frequency range and down to sub-nanometer resolution……..

Interferometer characterizes microstructures – On the track of the nanometer –

Traditional measuring systems reach their limits when they have to characterize microstructures. One solution is to use a laser vibrometer together with a technical microscope and the nanopositioning and nanomeasuring machine from Sios GmbH. This set-up enables motions and surfaces of objects to be measured to a resolution of 0.1 nanometers….

Simultaneous distance and angle measurement up to 80 meters – Precise and reliable –

The increasing accuracies with which tool and coordinate measuring machines with ranges of motion exceeding several meters have to be calibrated place great demands on the measuring system……

3D capability for nanopositioning and nanometrology

Many branches of industry and fields of research require tactile 3D coordinate measurement systems with sub-nanometer resolution for proofing high-precision, fine-mechanical and optical components as well as for manufactured elements and for tooling used for manufacturing microlenses in order to meet these requirements, nanopositioning and nanomeasuring machines…..

High precision metrological nano measuring machine

Continuing growth of the market for micro and nano system technologies is driven by increasing needs for components functionality for the automotive and consumer-oriented market. The cutting-edge technology comes for this market from the semiconductor industry, the biggest driver for the nano world……

High-precision measurements – Nailing down dimensions

High resolution triple-beam interferometers are the instruments of choice whenever both positions and tilt angles are need to be simultaneously and accurately measured in conjunction….

Developments in homodyne interferometry

The trend in many fields of enabling technologies such as microelectronics, communications, microsystems, and micromechanics toward imposing increasingly stringent demands upon precision continues.  Those types of technologies allow creating micromechanical components having dimensions of a few micrometers that have to be accurately measured…

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SIOS GmbH Double Beam Plane Mirror Interferometer