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InfraTec ImageIR 9300Z long range surveillance camera system


IIR9300Z_thumb Church_of_Our_Lady_Dresden_1 … from 1x (28mm) to Church_of_Our_Lady_Dresden_630x (850mm) with continuous zoom in about 3s






With the capability to be easily integrated into existing CCTV and surveillance networks the new ImageIR 9300Z imager is based around a high performance indium antimonide snapshot detector that can deliver 1280×1024 pixel resolution at 100 frames per second.


This means that even transient events can be captured at long range – vehicle detection in all weathers at any time of day or night at ranges beyond 18,000m.


To see the imaging capabilities of the ImageIR 9300Z on the skyline of Dresden in Germany please click on this link: ImageIR 9300Z video clip


If you’d like more details or a demo of this remarkable imager please do not delay, call us on +44 (0) 1604 654 220 today.

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