SwissOptic visible optics manufacture

Swiss Optic offer engineering solutions in visible optics manufacture.


Optical design – Modeling and simulation of optical systems

Mechanical design – Components and system engineering, creation of high quality 3D-CAD models of components and assemblies.
Prototype development and manufacturing – Development laboratory for prototyping, design of customised optical systems including comparison studies.
Metrology – Extensive measuring techniques and individual measuring setups. Material analysis, qualification and reference parts and gold standards or systems for our customers.

Product range

Spherical optics – Production of sophisticated composite lenses without shape restrictions.

Aspherical components & freeform optics- Production of high accuracy aspherical components.
Plane-Parallel & Plane Optics– Complete production from design, pre-processing of raw materials, to substrate through coatings and inspection.
Prisms & Prism systems – The latest measurement technologies ensure the high quality of our prism systems of  the highest accuracies.
Multifunctional & monolithic optics – New innovative precision-optics solutions, 3D glass & ceramic components providing system solutions with the highest precision.
Microstructuring – Micro-structures in technical glass
Thin film coatings – OEM Customer specified thin film coatings

We also offer Interferometer Transmission Spheres – please contact for details – CLICK HERE or visit here

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swiss_visible optics manufactureSwissOptic Visible Optics Manufacture